Japanese music you’ve *probably* never heard of.

Made this list for my Mori No Hitos, but I figured I might as well post it. Enquire about any of the bands here if you’d like.

School Food Punishment (Kind of Rock with beautiful piano and beautiful vocals and beautiful electronics and beautiful everything and it’s the best)

Nuito (modern prog. Amazing guitars)

Matryoshka (kind of ambient electronic post rock)

Yellow Magic Orchestra (70s synthpop)

Dj Krush (instrumental hip hop)

DJ Okawari (think more a poppy nujabes)

World’s End Girlfriend (hells yeah)

ミドリ (Meg Adams you would maybe love) (noisejazzrock. Totally just made that genre up. Probably exists anyway)

Mutyumu (intense post rock maybe?, beautiful singing plus piano with rock)

Technoboys Pulcraft Greenfund (downtempo? bloops)

HASYMO ( YMO 30 years later, more ambient. Less synthy)

Shugo Tokumaru (except Luke Zeman) (kinda folk)

Kaku P Model ( ORE WA TV core)

Mass Of The Fermenting Drugs (good riffs, good playing nice vocals)

Ogre You Asshole (ogre you asshole)

Omodaka (not typical 8 bit awesome)

Rumi (j hip hop that sounds like hip hop. bitch can rap a storm)

Scudelia Electro (a variety of genres. From electronic to rock. Jingcore)

YMCK (sounds like chiptunes for kids. It’s good)

DJ Newtown (electrohouse. some anime mixes)

Yoshino Yoshikawa (happy electronic pop)

9mm Parabellum Bullet (fast paced rock. Amazing)

Also if you need some new JPop and aren’t listening to Capsule WHY AREN’T YOU LISTENING TO CAPSULE


~ by Cimi on October 25, 2011.

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