15 Anime Movies You *need* to Watch

I did a list of 50 anime you need to read earlier , and now, here is a list of 15 Anime Films that are, in my opinion, essential. Notice how it’s not completely filled with Miyazaki. Also, I’ve not seen Honnaemise, Only Yesterday, Jin Roh, or The Sky Crawlers yet. Also, Millennium Actress, which is regarded by many as the late Satoshi Kon’s masterpiece, is my least favourite Kon. It’s still a great movie of course. The Akira film is a pale comparison to the manga. End of Evangelion would be on this list but I’m considering that a part of the NGE experience, so watch it with the show.

  • The Girl Who Lept Through Time
  • Summer Wars
  • Evangelion 2.22 You Can (not) Advance (and 1.11 as well)
  • Princess Mononoke
  • Whisper of The Heart
  • Digimon: The Movie (The American Edit)
  • Perfect Blue
  • Tokyo Godfathers
  • Paprika
  • Metropolis
  • Time of Eve
  • Ghost In The Shell : Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society
  • Tekkonkinkreet
  • Blood: The Last Vampire
  • Ghost In The Shell

These are all fantastic films. Watch them now.


~ by Cimi on April 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “15 Anime Movies You *need* to Watch”

  1. Have you watched Grave of the Fireflies? It’s absolutely fantastic.

    • Of course. It was good but it had some definite flaws in my opinion. Still better than most Miyazaki films. Takahata for the win.

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